Sumps Can Be A Great Addition To Your Tank For Increased Filtration Capabilities

A "sump" refers to an external water reservoir below the aquarium. The sump usually holds additional filtration components. Most sumps will sit under your tank. Make sure you have reasonable space and access. Some aquarium owners get creative by using storage tubs. Hang-on filters are simple and straightforward. Canister filters are external, like a sump, but are protected from leaks and accidental drainings by being pressurized. Sumps can be a great addition to your tank for increased filtrate capabilities. :max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/P1030508-fde4757b28e542d2ae219bf165fca2dd. jpg (JPG) Most commonly, a sumping setup will be sold as a kit with biomedia. Use a skimmer box to cycle water between your tank and sump.

Skimmer box and overflow

This will decrease the pull of the outflow to stop animals from being drawn into the sump water. It also acts as a fail-safe to protect the tank. You set up your outflow and inflow in opposing spots. This creates a gyre, or system of currents, in your tank . If you make your own sump without a kit, the inflow from the tank should come into one side of the tank and you can return it using a “sump” pump. Most kits will have a pump sized to match the flow of gravity from the skimmer basket. It will also be selected based on tubing size. If we are making our own, it is critical to match your flow to the pump return. . . .

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