How To Feed Your Pet A Good Diet And Keep Them Healthy And Happy

All pet food labels contain a guaranteed analysis statement and a list of ingredients. Fish foods are required to list the percentage of moisture, protein, fat, fiber and phosphorus. Some companies list specific vitamins and minerals. Others will list these as a "vitamin premix" label. It is always best to feed your goldfish pellets instead of flakes. Pellets come in various sizes. You will likely find one that is appropriate for the size of your fish. Flakes have a higher surface area to mass ratio. This means they will float better. Protein is the main source of energy for goldfish. For goldfish, a maintenance level of around 30% is recommended based on current research. Juvenile goldfish and those involved in breeding should be fed a higher level, around 35%. Lots of protein in the diet leads to more ammonia production. High fiber is of no benefit to your fish and should be avoided. Just 5-8% fat in the food is not necessary for adult goldfish like mine. Most goldfish aquariums will be around 72-76 degrees Fahrenheit (22-24C) in a typical home. Goldfish do not require a radiator. Body condition scoring is a common method of determining if a pet is overweight. Using the zebrafish research, a simple goldfish obesity test can be applied. Overfeeding can increase the weight of the fish. It can cause them to need tank upgrades. Obesity causes strain on internal organs, as it does in many pets. High ammonia can lead to fish health issues and death. Over feeding can also lead to an increase in ammonia output and strain beneficial bacteria. . . .

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