Neon Tetra Disease In Fish: Symptoms Of The Degenerative Disease In Fish Typically Develop In A Certain Pattern

Neon tetra disease is a degenerative condition caused by parasites. It is fast-spreading and deadly to fish. There is no known cure for neon tetra infection. Prevention is essential. Neon tetra is a disease caused by a microsporidian parasite called Pleistophora hyphessobryconis. Spores enter the fish by being consumed as food. The parasite will eat the fish from the inside out. Sporoplasms develop inside the intestines. They burrow through the intestinal wall and into the skeletal muscles. Neon Tetra Disease is highly communicable. It can be seen in the tissue of infected fish. Symptoms of this parasite can be compared to similar diseases to determine the cause. Fish may be quarantined when signs are first noticed. The best prevention methods are to avoid buying sick fish and to maintain high water quality. When buying fish for your tank, choose a well-known supplier. If buying online, look at reviews and avoid buying for price versus quality. Fish infected with Pleistophile hyphes sobryconeis or disposable parasites will eventually die from the condition. Some species, such as angelfish, can live with neon Tetra disease for quite some time. Most fish found to have this disease are euthanized before it becomes paralyzing. . . .

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