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Goldfish are susceptible to many freshwater diseases. Poor water quality is the most common cause of disease in goldfish. Inadequate environments, such as antiquated bowls or severely overcrowded systems, can contribute to chronic stress through poor water quality. All fish require filtered tanks. Goldfish do not require heaters. Taking a fish home from the pet store is the highest risk point in a fish's life for coming into contact with a parasite. The best prevention of parasites is a strict quarantined protocol. There is no "one size fits all" treatment for parasites. Neurofibromas are parasites created from neural tissue deep within skin layers. They are nearly impossible to treat. They can form a "stalk" and fall off, only to grow back again. Multiple modalities utilizing surgery and cryotherapy have not been successful.

Goldfish with neurofibroma on dorsal ridge

Fish are prone to both negative and positive buoyancy disorders. Negative buoyancy is most common secondary to stress or poor diet. Surgery is often required to correct these issues. External "wheelchair" floats are extremely dangerous. They could seriously hurt your fish. (max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/IMG_5309-64a3afb60c644db78d1cd5167e59141e . There are a few diseases on the internet that are not fish diseases. "Dropsy" describes the clinical condition when fluid collects between the scales of a fish and they look like a pinecone. . .

Goldfish necropsy with polycystic kidney disease


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