Tank Size Matters Little At The Spawning Stage, But Can Make The Difference Between A Good Fish Tank And A Bad One: Aquariums And Aquariums

The size of the tank matters little at the spawn stage, as long as there is room for the parent fishes to follow their particular routine. Suitable tank sizes for egg scatterers are 3 to 15 gallon for tropical fish. It depends on the size and nature of the fishes. Small light tanks are easier to clean than heavy ones. A tank divider can make the separation of males and females much easier and less space-consuming with many species. The tank should be made for the size tank you are working with. It should go from flush with the bottom of a tank to flush with its hood. The tanks should be one of the least expensive parts of your aquarium setup. There should always be a new factory-made tank, unless it is a very large or special tank. The fish should have a control system for each temperature individually, a digital thermometer and a temperature control. . . .

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