How To Tell A Gourami'S Sex

(max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/how-do-i-sex-a-gourami-1380970-color01-5bbccdbcc9e77c00517b71ab. jpg) Male Gouramis are usually a bit smaller than females. Females have a rounded belly compared to males.

illustration of how to tell a gourami's sex

The dorsal fin of the female is short and rounded. The male has a longer dorsal fin that comes to a point. Keep in mind that young fish are not as easy to differentiate as full grown adults. Blue Gourami are difficult to breed but readily breed in aquariums. The female will make the choice in regards to breeding. The tank itself should be around 20-gallons, long, with older water and floating plants. Gouraminis prefer relatively soft water. A well-planted tank is always a plus. A tank shouldn’t have an air stone or filter because the male likes calm water to build his nest in. The basic routine for mating is to make a bubble nest for the chosen female. Once eggs have hatched, remove the female and leave the male to care for the eggs. When breeding gouramises it is important to have a small food available to feed the franks once they get out of the bubble nest. . . .

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