Labyrinth Fish Making A Bubble Nest

A labyrinth fish has a special organ, known as the labyrinth, which allows the fish to breath air from the surface of the water. Fish are not born with a fully functional organ, but it develops gradually as the fish matures. Once fully mature, most fish need to get some of their oxygen from their organ. (max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/GettyImages-177983259-5c2147bec9e77c00016c2535. jpg) L labyrinth fish are also bubble nest builders. Males of the species will blow bubbles that stick together, forming a nest at the bottom of the body.

Betta fish making a bubble nest

The size and thickness of the nest will vary from fish to fish. It is based on the preferences of the male who build it. There are over six dozen species of the Anabantoidei family of fishes. Bettas and Gouramis make up the lion’s share of the fish species. The labyrinth fish is native to Africa and Southeast Asia, living in areas with low water depth. . . .

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