Culling Aquarium Fish Is A Natural Process, And You Don'T Have To Be A Fish Expert To Do It: How To Choose The Right Fish For Your Aquarium

Culling fish is the process of weeding out some of the young fish. This reduces their numbers to a level that is appropriate for the size of the aquarium. In some fish species, it is not unusual for hundreds of baby fish to hatch at once. Few aquarists have the space to house that many fish. It means that either the fish die or be eaten by predators, as would deformed fish. By keeping the best, they are given a better chance of survival. If the idea of killing fish seems too hard for you, there are other options. Put up a aquarium to house the fish and separate them early to give them room to grow. Local pet shops will often take fish off your hands if they are desirable species. . . .

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