Avoid These Common Mistakes To Avoid With Your Aquarium

For beginners, choosing a small aquarium is a failure. Newcomers to the hobby should stay away from tanks under 20 gallon until they become experienced. Gases are dissolved in water as well as minerals, heavy metals, and chemicals. New aquarium owners often overstock the aquarium. Waiting until ammonia and nitrite levels have risen and then falling to zero before adding more fish. Using the one-inch length per gallon of water rule, 8 inches of fish is a maximum number to be kept. Fish are opportunistic and will seek food at all times. Feed them no more than they consume in five minutes. Select peaceful fish that thrive in similar water conditions. Some fish may fight with one another or require different water conditions . Never feed fish more than once per day. :max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/new-aquarium-mistakes-1380712_FINAL-e4b82ab20a254a5b8d7b9ca09a56d665. jpg) An aquarium filter should pass all the water in the tank through it at least three times per hour. You cannot over-filter but you can definitely under-filter. The results can be harmful to your fish. Before adding fish, test pH, hardness, alkalinity, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels for a baseline record.

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Wastes build up in the aquarium that can only be removed by vacuuming the gravel and removing some water and replacing it with fresh water. Removing and replacing about 20 percent of the water is usually sufficient with each water change. Make more frequent water changes if the water quality test results are not at the correct levels. . . .

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