How To Transfer Everything From Your Old Aquarium To A New One (And Keep More Fish)

If your floor can support the weight of added water, upgrading to a larger tank is always a great idea. Bigger aquariums are easier to maintain and you can even keep more fish! Here are steps to successfully transfer everything from your smaller, established aquarium to a new larger one. New aquariums need a bigger filter and heater. New equipment must be rated for the larger tank volume. If you plan to use the old filter in the new tank, leave it running on the smaller tank to keep its beneficial bacteria alive. Let the new system run for 24 hours. Both tanks will need to be heated at the same time to make equal temperature conditions. Adjust the pH of the new aquarium up or down just as you would in the old one. Do not proceed with the transfer if there is a difference of more than two-tenths of a percentage point. Move the gravel from the original tank to the new one. The filter from the old tank has beneficial bacterial colonies in the filter media. Treat your new aquarium like you would a new tank. If the pH and water temperature match exactly, you can transfer fish without having to bag them. Use a clear plastic pitcher with a barrier on top to transfer fish to a bigger aquarium. Make sure all the components (heater, filter, lights) are working properly. . . .

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