Wagtail Platys Are The Most Beautiful Of All Platys

The Wagtail Planty is one of the most beautiful of all Platys. It is available in several color varieties. It breeds true to color and tail and fin blackness as well. This fish is a well-known species in nature. The Wagtail Platy was created by accident in a New York City laboratory of a distinguished biologist. The late Dr. Myron Gordon was a respected authority on the inheritance of cancer. Dr. Gordon made a number of trips to Central American countries in search of fish that had tumors or looked to him as though they might have tumors. Wagtails were crossed with the Golden Platy and the Red Platy. Breeders at commercial fish farms further refined the strain. Today the Wagtail planty can be purchased in almost every store in the world. They are nearly as common as guppies. . . .

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