Cloudy Water Can Be Frustrating For Many Aquarium Owners

Many aquarium owners can be frustrated with cloudy water. There are many causes, from bacterial blossom to excess nutrients. Drain the tank and drain the gravel until the water runs clear. Treat the water with conditioners or use RO (Reverse Osmosis) water. Decaying plants or excess food that remains uneaten can also cause the mushy water seen in bacterial bloom. Removing debris such as decaying plants and uneatened food will quickly resolve most cases of bacterial bloom . Green water is due to algae growth. Too much light or too much water is the most obvious cause of green water. Excess water will give some immediate relief but probably won't solve the problem. Aquariums can battle rising nitrate levels by changing the food they are given. Make sure your filter is kept clean and is adequate for your tank size. Also make sure you have not overstocked your aquarium, or you will constantly encounter rising nitrates. . . .

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