Feeding Your Aquarium Fish Live Food During The Warm Summer Months

If you've never fed your aquarium fish live food before, now is the time to get outside and get some tasty morsels for your fish. Nothing compares with the variety of live insects, crustaceans, and worm nature gives during the warm months. The type and size of the net will vary. It will depend on the method and type of live food being collected. A large windsock shaped net is excellent for sweeping up insects in the tall grass. Nets with square or rectangular openings are good for use in water. The straight edge allows the net to be swept up. (max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/waterflea-with-plankton-sky-composing-492849289-5c3a48cac9e77c000183f094. jpg) If you live near a wooded area, take a walk and turn over dead branches, pile of leaves, etc. Dragging a large net through the water will yield many morsels.

Ants On Sidewalk

Daphnia can be found in abundance in the warm summer months. It can also be found with larvae. Run outside! The worm larvae are out and waiting for you to scoop them up. Larger fish will eat them whole. Dice them up before feeding to the smaller fish. Even if you live in northern climate, you can still culture your own live foods all year long.

Waterflea with plankton sky composing

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