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The best environment for any fish is one that closely matches its natural home conditions. Most aquarium fish are native to warm tropical areas with flowing waters. Betta fish (Betta splendens) is an exception. It is an air-breathing fish. (max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/betta-environments-1378742-FINAL-5c87bb57c9e77c00010c228f. jpg) Bettas prefer water temperatures of 75 to 82 F. Cold temperatures below 65 F can kill a Betta.

Best environment for a betta fish.

Put the bowl in a warmer place in the house and it will help. The best option for those living in cold winters is to keep the fish in a heated aquarium. Plants are great for Betta bowls or aquariums. Bettas do not eat meat and are not plant eaters. You should feed them a good quality flake or pelleted fish food, along with treats of live or frozen brine shrimp, or freeze-dried tubifex worms. The glass marbles on the bottom of the bowl are okay. They are easy to remove for cleaning. Always keep in mind that food can and does fall under them. Be sure to clean them whenever you perform your regular water change. Do not allow leftovers to accumulate. . . .

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