Cichlids: How To Choose The Right Cichlid Aquarium For Your Needs And Your Family'S

Cichlids are a complex group of fishes. There is no "one rule" for all cichlid species. Cichlidae come from so many different regions. There are no restrictions against mixing species. Depending on your species and their native region, you may require soft, acidic water. Some species can be very territorial over resources such as territory, hiding places, breeding space, mates and food. African cichls are very territorial. They will pursue each other around the aquarium. There are a few species with very strict stocking densities. Contact your local cichleid breeder to make sure your species are stocking at the correct density. CICHlids require twice as much room per cent of body length as most aquarium fish. There were many different breeding strategies used by different cichliids. Some are mouth brookers, where the parent fish carries the eggs in its mouth. Others are open water spawners. If you plan on breeding your fish, be sure you have a male and female. They are their ideal habitat. Some fish eat on the surface, in the middle of the water column and on the bottom. Other species are predators that will eat other fish or chew on their scales, fins and even eyes. "There is no one size fits all" when it comes to a cichllid aquarium . Cichlsids are long-lived species of fish. They live from 10 to even 20 years in aquariums. Do thorough research before buying anything!.

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