Betta Tank Plants: How To Choose The Best Ones For Your Fish Tank (And How To Keep Them Safe From Being Eaten By Your Bettas)

Both live and fake plants are good additions to many different fish species. Be sure to stick with plants that are specific for aquariums. Some live plants can be toxic to fish, especially if consumed. The causes of "fin rot" in bettas are actually tears from objects in their environment. This can be caused by both fake and live plants. It depends on their structure and exposed roots. Pointy structural parts, such as stems, can be easily trimmed with a pair of nail clippers. The following plants are the best choices for betta tanks. These plants attach to the side of your fish tank by a suction cup. This allows your betta a safe and secluded spot to enjoy a rest. What types of plants are safe? Silk plants are marketed as "betta safe. " But they can have sharp points and wires under the soft leaves. Before adding any plant to your bettat tank, check it carefully for any parts that may break a betta's soft and delicate fins. Trim all the parts you can. Camboba or Carolina Fanwort is a good ground cover to medium size plant for fish aquariums . It fits the requirements of the bet tas for soft leaves and stems. It is, however, highly recommended to anchor this live plant rather than leave it floating. The stems are stronger than they look and even though they are fake. . . .

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