Full Water Changes Are The Best Way To Keep Your Fish Healthy, But You'Ll Have To Do It On A Regular Basis If You Want To Keep Them Healthy

Regular partial water changes are recommended for your aquarium. There are myths and misunderstandings about why this is trouble. A typical tale of woe is an aquarium owner who hadn't been doing a partial water change since he set up the tank a year ago. The fish live in the water and the changes happen gradually. They adjust to it. Cleaning the filter media removes the beneficial bacteria that are necessary for breaking down toxic ammonia in the fish. Those that do not die immediately are stressed and may be sick. Fish are exposed to bacteria, viruses, and parasites more often than owners realize. Young fish are sensitive to poor water quality. The best thing you can do to keep your fish healthy is to change part of the water regularly to maintain proper water chemistry. The regular partial water water changes prevent the slow but drastic shift in pH, alkalinity, nitrate, and other parameters. If you haven't changed your water for months, it is not wise to make a sudden massive change. Start small and change 10 percent of the total water volume. Continue this process for several months, each time increasing the percentage of water that changes. . . .

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