Fish Feeding Rings Can Be Made With Any Round Plastic Or Rubber Ring That Will Float In Your Tank: Https://Www

A fish feeding ring is a ring that floats on the surface of the water. Fish food is then dropped inside the ring and violà, dinner is served. Because the food is contained, it doesn't end up scattered all over or pulled into the filter. This allows more of it to be eaten. You don't need a special made ring to make a feeding ring. Any round plastic or rubber ring that will float is suitable. A twist tie can be used to fix the homemade ring to a suction cup at the side of the tank. When one fish is a feeding bully, floating rings are most useful. The bullying can't hog all the food by having two (or more) floating rings. Fixed rings have the advantage of less fuss when feeding time comes. They also allow placement at certain locations. . . .

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