Aquarium Thermometers Are An Essential Item For Your Aquarium

Aquarium thermometers are a small but essential item for your aquarium. A change in water temperature can have a negative effect on both fish and plants. Having a good thermometer to track your water temperature will help you identify and correct problems due to temperature changes. (max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/GettyImages-623955102-e4400a2d36214f59b5144d3b94b2d55f. jpg) The thermometer reads best when viewed straight on. If you have to contort your body to see the thermometer, it's not an ideal location.

Stick-on aquarium thermometer

The aquarium can have floating or standing thermometers. Available styles include thermometers that stick to the inside of the aquarium with a suction cup. Some models are weighted so they sink and stand on the bottom of the tank. Most are made of glass, and thus are more fragile than other types. Although these models are usually fixed in one spot, you can easily move them to take a reading in a problem area of the fish tank. . . .

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