How To Keep Your Fish Healthy And Safe From The Harmful Effects Of A Crustacean Called A Copepod (Cesopium) In Your Fish Tank (Daphnia)

Cyclops are tiny copepods, or crustaceans, found in many freshwater and saltwater bodies of water. They get their name from the single eye in the middle of their head. They are herbivorous, eating algae and microscopic debris. Cyclops are found mainly in freshwater ponds and slow moving bodies of saltwater. They can be found in the same places as Daphnia. They may feast on tiny, weaker fish occasionally. Larger fish and adult fish are not in danger from Cyclops. Frozen and gel-based products are also good. Livebearing fish, Bettas, Barbs, Tetras, and even Discus will relish Cyclops as an occasional supplemental food. . . .

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