This Parrotfish Tank Is The Best Way To Keep Your Fish Safe In Your Tank

Parrotfishes get their names from the fact that the teeth of both teeth are fused to form a parrot-like beak. They are considered herbivores, eating marine algae. However, they eat all types of corals at the same time. Parrotfish play a significant role in the destruction of our reefs. They bite off and grind up the corals. Parrots can be one of the most challenging fish to identify. The males are very drab, dull-colored shades of reds and browns and olive greens. They form a mucous cocoon at night to sleep in. Just scoop it out with a fine-mesh net. The slimy mass can contribute to the organic bio-load in your tank. Your parrotfish will stop making its cocoon in the night when it's more comfortable in its tank and doesn't feel threatened anymore. . . .

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