Dactyloptena Orientalis (Flying Gurnard) Fish Hunting In Sand

Dactyloptena Orientalis is found in Hawaiian waters. The distribution of this fish extends from Hawaii and Japan south to central Polynesia. The body can appear to be a light-hued greenish color or mixed light and dark tan colors with a white underbelly. (max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/GettyImages-521433306-5c21207c46e0fb0001349de2. jpg) The fish has two small leg-like pelvic fins looking for food. The pectoral fins are not actually "wings".

Flying Gurnard hunting in sand

It does not have the capability of flying. It can move through the water in quick, short "flights. " The flying gurnard is a fun fish to keep in mind. It is a carnivorous bottom-dweller. It eats inverts, crustaceans, and possibly other smaller fishes. Use caution when handling this fish. The prickly armor can cut or scratch a person. Dactylopsstena orientalis is a species of sea robin. It may grow up to 16 inches in length. It was commonly known as a sea rob robin or a seaward-like fish. . . .

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