How To Choose The Right Flake Food For Your Fish

A Hungry Fish Is a Healthy Fish . Flake foods aren't what fish would eat in nature. However, dry flake foods do provide the nutrients fish would find in a natural diet. Protein is the essential nutrient in the fish diet. The best protein comes from other fish. The food for young fish should have 35 to 45 percent protein. Less protein is better for older fish. Use frozen or pelleted flake food with the flake fish. This gives you a higher chance of getting the proper nutrients, while introducing variety into the diet. Some manufacturers package several types of flake in a single can. It's a great way to offer your fish variety. Some fish eat only vegetable matter. Almost all of your fish will enjoy a serving of algae. Plastic and sinking pellets or sticks are a good choice for larger fish like cichlids. Some large fish, such as the Silver Dollar, are vegetarians. Tubifex usually comes in a cube, which can be pressed to the inside glass of the tank. Freeze-dried foods such as krill, tubifex, and shrimp are also a great option. Frozen foods are made from a variety of ingredients. This includes brine shrimp, worms and vegetables. . . .

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