Coral Food: How To Keep Your Corals In A Closed Saltwater System (And How To Use It)

In the past, keeping corals in a closed saltwater system was considered impossible. Water quality science improved and hobbyists learned how to keep toxins (primarily nitrates and phosphates) that corals are sensitive to under control. As coral has large hands and a visible mouth, it probably eats macroscopic or larger prey. Lobophyllia, Open Brain, Elegance, and Plate Corals are examples of corals that do best on larger food. DIY Coral Foods can be prepared for specific coral needs. The particle size of food also determines what a coral can eat. A piece of food the size of your little fingernail can be consumed by many large polyp Stony corals. On the other hand, a Button Polyp can directly remove dissolved organic compounds from the water. . . .

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