How To Keep Your Fish Warm And Safe In Your Freshwater Aquarium

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/Aquarium heater-57f581fd5f9b587c35c7a68e. jpg) The temperature of your aquarium is an important factor in the comfort and well-being of your fish. Unlike humans and other mammals, fish do not produce their own body heat.

Tronic Aquarium Heater

There are four basic types of aquarium heaters: immersible heaters, submersible heat, substrates heaters and filter heaters.

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Many fish that need heated water for optimal health (such as the Betta) are kept in small tanks or fishbowls. It can be quite a challenge to heat properly. Here are some simple guidelines for proper placement. Heater breakage is a common problem in aquariums.

Tropical Fish in a tank

Heating challenges can also occur during the summer when water temperature rises too high.

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Sometimes turning off the heat isn't enough to avoid dangerously high water temperatures. Steps must be taken to keep your fish warm in winter. Freshwater Aquarium Basics . For more information on swimming in fresh water, visit Freshwateraquarium.

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