How To Test Your Aquarium'S Water Flow Rate For A Reef Tank System

Aquarists think a higher turnover rate is better for a tank system with more water. A healthy tank water turnover rate occurs six to 10 times per hour. Testing the water flow after the equipment is installed gives you a better picture of the flow. Use a gallon-size milk crate to test the water pressure rate. Measure the time it takes to fill the containers with water using a stopwatch. Turn off the pump and attach a short length of clear plastic tubing to its outflow plug. The tubing should fit snugly over the handle. Measure your height, width, and depth of your aquarium in inches. Divide the result by 1,000 to convert to 7. 5 (the number of gallon in a cubic foot) to find the volume of the tank water. If you have 55 gallon of actual tank water, the pump will turn over tank water 7. 27 times a hour. This is before filters and other factors reduce the flow rate. . . .

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