How To Keep Your Fish Healthy And Safe In Your Aquarium

Aquarium water temperature is an important factor in the health of your fish. Rapid and significant temperature changes, as well as frequent temperature changes throughout the day, are stressful for fish. This is especially true when breeding fish, treating disease, and even choosing fish to keep together. Aquariums that are near a window or door can be affected every time the door or window is opened and closed. Even windows that aren’t opened pose a problem. They allow sunshine in. LED (light-emitting diode) fixtures are the best way to run water. Small, frequent water changes are always better than large changes. The temperature of the water used should be tested to ensure it closely matches the water temperature. Water temperature can change in transit and again when the fish is added to the new tank. Paper is actually a good insulator, so placing the fish in a couple of paper bags can help reduce temperature changes. Not all fish like warm water. Tropical fish prefer unheated aquariums. They don t fare as well in a heated tank. Cool water aquarium fish do better in temperatures between 60° and 75°F or 15-24°C. Use a dependable radiator, thermometer, and check the temperature regularly. . . .

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