Live Sand Filter (Jaubert/Plenum Filter) Is The Brainchild Of Dr

The popular Live Sand Filter (Jaubert/Plenum Filter) is the brainchild of Dr. Dean Jaubert. The filtration system consists of a deep sand bed (DSB) of live sand, a plenum (divider used to make an empty space under the sand) and a protein skimmer. The DSB in the live sand filter depends on "sand stirrers" moving through the sand. Invertebrates, such as sand shifting sea stars, sea cucumbers, and snails, plow through the substrates, consuming detritus and uneaten food. Deep sand bed allows the growth of anaerobic bacteria that convert nitrate in aquarium water into a harmless byproduct, nitrogen. Stirring the deep sand sand bed periodically will prevent other species of Anaerobicacteria from producing toxic hydrogen sulfide. If you don't have the sand stirrers, you can eat detrituus and uncooked food as well. . . .

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