How To Build A Diy Aquarium With Glass Panes And Silicone Sides

Aquarium built using these instructions measures 14 inches high, 4 feet wide, and 14 inches deep. This aquarium is made with the two end pieces of glass inside of the back and front panes. The front, back, and two side panels are set on top. Before cutting the glass, plan ahead by drawing a good map. Measure precise measurements to make sure a proper fit and help avoid leaks. Do not put a solid glass cover on top of an aquarium. This reduces oxygen-carbon dioxide gas exchange efficiency. Learn about the following important points of glass construction. Prepare the aquarium by preparing the glass and duct tape. Clean all glass panes and edges about 1/2 inches inward with acetone. To keep track of where each piece goes, mark them with words or directional arrows using a washable felt tip marker.

DIY Glass Aquarium Assembly Diagrams

After all your glass pieces are cut and prepared, lay or arrange the pieces out so you know which piece is going where. You will use the same glass installation technique with each glass. First apply a thin but adequate line of silicone to each inside edge of all areas to be joined. Then, at a slight forward angle, align and insert the piece of glass onto the bottom glass pane. Let the silicone cure for 24 hours before putting it back together. Use this method for the side and back glass. . . .

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