Latin Fish Names Can Help You Learn More About Your Tank

Knowing a fish's common name is not enough when looking for a fish for your aquarium. You can learn a lot about a fish by its official Latin name. The common diamond tetra is known as Moenkhausia pittieri. The dojo loach is a peaceful, peaceful and long-living fish that can live up to 10 years. It needs a tank of 20 gallon or more. The dragon fish is a highly unusual species. It is not for everyone. Dwarf gourami prefer tanks with vegetation and hiding places. Channa gachua is among the smallest species of snakehead family. It grows to a maximum of 8 inches. The snakehead has been known to jump out of its aquariums. Dorsey's pimelodid: Pimelodella dorseyi; Pimeliiodus blochii; Barbus lineomaculatus; Parachromis dovii; Barus eutaenia; Barbos eutaeni. . . .

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