Whitespotted Puffer Tank Tank Review: The Whitespotted Puffer Is An Aggressive Fish With A Lot Of Damage To Other Fish In The Tank

The Whitespott Puffer has a tan body and white belly. It is an endemic species found only in Hawaiian waters. It's mostly found in shallower waters on the Great Barrier Reef. It caused a lot of damage to other fish in the tank. The Whitespotted Puffer is an herbivore. It feeds on a wide range of crustaceans, echinoderms, and invertebrates. It does well in a fish-only tank. This fish has a One StarFish Care Level. It doesn't make a good beginner fish because it is a very hardy species, but it does have a very aggressive nature. Stan compares it to a yapping, nipping, yapping fish. . . .

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