Oil Slicks Can Be Removed With A Paper Towel, But You'Ll Have To Clean Your Tank First: How To Clean An Oil Slick In An Aquarium

Aquariums that have little water movement are more prone to oil slicks. Filters and pumps can have small amounts of oil to lubricate them. Aerosol and cooking oil spread throughout the air, which is why kitchen surfaces get greasy. Dead fish release fat into the water. Oil slicks can be removed by layering a paper towel lightly on the surface for a few moments and then removing it. The oil may be pointing to a larger problem, such as overfeeding, insufficient maintenance, or even defective equipment. For a larger oil slick, use a clean cup. Faulty equipment has been known to release oil into the air. Make sure that the tank has good surface agitation and regular maintenance is done regularly. Using gloves when working inside the aquarium will make sure nothing is transferred from the skin. If the oil continues to appear, check filters and pumps. . . .

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