Archers Can Be Temperamental, Even Aggressive

Archers can be temperamental, even aggressive. It's important to confirm compatibility before giving them a new friend. The Archer family is made up of the following six species. Taxotes chatareus and Toxotes jaculatrix are the two species often seen for sale in pet shops. Archers are a type of fish from the Toxota genus. They have a deep, laterally compressed, silver-colored body. The body is punctuated by black bands on the edges of the dorsal and anal fins. The jaw is large and upturned. It is perfect for feeding at the surface. The Banded Archer is the smaller of the two and is more peaceful. Archer need warm brackish water. They can be trained to take meaty frozen foods. Virtually any insects or even small things dropped on the surface of the water will do. You'll be amazed at how quickly they snap them up. . . .

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