Abscesses Are Pockets Of Infection That Form At The Site Of An Injury

Abscesses are pockets of infection that form at the site of an injury. They are usually filled with pus, which is fluid composed of white blood cells, blood, and bacteria. Abscesses can be most often found under hamsters' skin but can occur internally, on organs, in a pouch or in the mouth. When bacteria cause infection at the location of the injury, hamsters develop abscesses. Food in the pouches can look similar to an abscess but the abscess will not decrease in size as soon as the food inside it is removed or consumed. If an absse ruptures, pus and blood may be seen on the fur in the surrounding area. When caught and treated promptly, abscess can heal quickly. To prevent fighting, house your hamster alone. Most hamster species are best kept as single rather than multiple pets. Antibiotics may not be able to stop infection, and the hamster may die. . . .

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