Feeding Your Gerbil The Right Nutrition Can Help Them Live A Long, Healthy, And Happy Life: Pet Nutrition Expert: How To Feed Your Gerbil A Balanced Diet

Gerbils are great companions for children learning to take care of a pet. But providing your gerbil with proper nutrition is essential to helping them lead a long, healthy, and happy life. Many gerbils will pick out their favorite items and leave the rest of the mixture. A loose seed mix and other treats add interest and variety. Avoiding seed mixes that contain sunflower seeds and instead use those as special treats. Use a heavy crock made of ceramic that they cannot chew or tip over. Place lab blocks or pelleted diet in the dish. Once you know how much your gibil eats, try to feed about the same amount. Gerbils come from Mongolia where there is a dry climate. Therefore, they do not need a lot of water. Make sure your Gerbil always has a supply of fresh, clean water in a sipper bottle. . . .

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