'Megacolon' Is A Serious And Life

Megacolon is a type of severe constipation where feces cannot be passed at all.

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It is most commonly seen in small animal veterinary practice, where it is most often seen in cats. Megacolon can be a very serious and life-threatening disease. Symptoms of megacolon are very similar to those of constipation.

Symptoms of stomach cancer in cats

They usually include reduced or absent defecation, pain on passing feces, straining as if trying to pass feces, etc. In nearly twothirds of cases the cause cannot be identified. It can be diagnosed by examining your cat's bowel movements. A hard, tubular-like mass can usually be felt.

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It represents the colon full of hard feces. Radiography (x-rays) can be done to show the degree of megacanolon. Urinalysis may be done as part of a general review of your cat’s health.

Early treatment of the problem is more likely to be effective. Treatment is usually treated with medications (laxatives, stool softeners, colon wall stimulants and high fiber diets), and ultimately surgery. The primary treatment is immediate removal of the accumulation of feces in the colon. In extreme cases, surgical treatment to remove the enlarged colon (total or subtotal colectomy) may be recommended. .

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