Hamsters Have Two Cheeks, One For Food And One For Bedding

Hamsters have two hearts, one for food and one for bedding. Cheek pouches are evaginations of the oral mucosa. They can stretch up to a hamster's shoulders. Syrian (golden) hamsters are often studied for their pockches and abscesses. These are localized infections that cause pus to build up in the chin pouch. The infection will become painful, causing your hamster to stop eating. It may spread to the rest of the mouth and eventually to the bloodstream. Cheeks pouch impactions are rare, but it is seen on occasion. Sometimes large pieces of food and bedding are packed into your little hamster’s pouch. If an impaction isn't cleaned out, it can get infected or abscessed. If you are hamster. . . you should be aware of this issue. .

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