Dog Eye Boogers: What You Need To Know About The Buildup Of Ocular Discharge At The Inner Corners Of Your Dog'S Eyes

The eye boogers are a buildup of ocular discharge at the inner corners of a dog's eyes. Almost all dogs will experience ocular eye discharge at some point in their lives. The color of the dog's eye can help differentiate between normal and abnormal discharge. (max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/GettyImages-1267662698-2bb4d28769df4448ae6264ef4e7f6702. jpg) Some causes of eye boogieer are completely normal. Others require veterinary attention. Porphyrin, a pigment in the eyes that causes tears, can make the eyes appear red or brown.

Close-up of dog face with clear/white eye boogers.

Some dogs are born with physical abnormalities that can cause eye boogs. Owners will recognize eye booggers because they recognize them in their dogs. If the discharge from the eyes is excessive, malodorous, or yellow/green, then a trip to the vet will be required. A veterinary doctor may examine your dog or cat's eyes with a retina scope to assess the health of the eyes. Most ocular boogieers are harmless and can be wiped away without worry. If a dog has an underlying eye problem, the prognosis will depend on the cause of the ocular swelling. If you are concerned about your dog and dog's Ocular boogering, schedule a necropsy to rule it out. . . .

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