Green Anoles Are Easy To Care For, But You'Ll Need To Care For Them A Little More Than You Might Think

Green anoles are relatively small, cheap, and easy to care for. They are native to the Caribbean Sea and the southeastern United States. Although anoles can be relatively easy to raise and care for, this does not necessarily make them a low-maintenance pet. They can be kept alone or in small groups. Males are territorial and may fight with one another. Anole can change their color from brown to bright emerald green. They're attractive little lizards. An appropriate-sized aquarium with a tight-fitting screen top makes the best home. Maint the humidity for this anole enclosure at 70 percent by misting daily with dechlorinated or bottled water. The preferred substrates include soil (with perlite), peat moss or orchid bark. Green anoles need 12 to 14 hours of light. They need 10 to 12 hours of darkness. No artificial light is as good as sunshine for providing sun. Glass cages, even those with a screen top, should never be used near a window. They will trap heat. Anoles get 100 percent of their water intake by licking droplets off leaves of plants. Every other day, two to three appropriately sized prey items, about half the size of an anole's head, will be fed. Be careful in letting your anole catch wild insects. Some anoles may be susceptible to an illness called mouth rot or stomatitis. If you notice puffiness or redness around its mouth or a substance that looks like cottage cheese around its teeth, it's likely mouth rot. Metabolic bone disease, which comes from a poor diet or lack of exposure to the sun, shows symptoms of weight loss, puffy face, and general weakness. Most anoles available in pet stores are wild-caught. captive-bred anoles tend to be less stressed and not as prone to illness or disease. Anoli new to you and intended for your group should be housed separately and checked for parasites. . . .

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