Ferrets Are Friendly, Playful, And Incredibly Energetic

Ferrets are bright, sociable little animals with a lot of energy. They do best when living with other ferrets or when their human friends are available. Ferrets sleep about 18 hours a day. When they're up they are eager to run, jump and learn. Ferret names capture their behavior. They have a unique aroma. Call it a scent, smell, or a stench. They've also been known to steal objects. These suggestions reflect both habits and habits. There are eight ferret colors: albino, black, champagne, sugar, chocolate, cinnamon, cinnamon with golden undercoat, dark-eyed white, sable, red, and sable. Many people like to name their pets after a fictional character or to honor a friend or relative. Certain types of fictional characters are particularly ferret-like. Be sure to remember that ferrets are smart, social, and easy to train. They're also as clean as cats. . . .

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