How To Keep Your Hamster Away From Chewing On Cage Bars

Hamsters love to chew on cage bars. Chewing is normal in hamsters. But things like cage bars can be harmful. Finding safer alternatives for your hamster to chew off can help prevent major issues. Find out why your hamsters have been bar chewing and how to prevent it. Hamsters can be in danger of injury, pain, inappetence, and infection if they chew on hard cage bars . Bar chewing can also be a sign of stress or lack of concentration. Chew on the bars of their cage should be put down for a variety of reasons. There are a few simple ways to keep a hamster from chewing on its cage bars: Wooden toys like ladders, houses, and rodent chew or food blocks are great options. Small caged animals may need to be replaced with larger types and you may have to move where the cage is. . . .

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