Tips And Tricks For Finding A Hamster Who Escaped

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/finding-a-lost-hamster-1238925-Final-5c8fabcac9e77c0001ff0b01. jpg) Hamsters are surprisingly good escape artists. Sometimes you lose sight of your hamster while playing with them outside their cage.

Tips and tricks for finding a hamster who escaped.

If you are lucky, just leaving their cage door open might be enough to bring a lost hamster back home. Start at the center of your Hamster cage and move away from there. Look behind cabinet, drawers, shelf, and bookcases. Check the underside of furniture and beds for holes where a hamster could climb inside. Hamsters aren't nocturnal. They will probably only move about at night. Sprinkle flour or cornstarch on the floor around the seeds. Tie a long strand of yarn to some peanut shells to lead the way. Some hamsters will come back to their cage on their own. You can set up a "bucket trap" by getting a Bucket and placing a thick towel on the bottom with a thin layer of peanut butter on top. . . .

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