Wet Tail Is A Serious Problem For Hamsters, So Here Are Some Tips To Keep Your Pet Healthy And Happy:

Wet tail is diarrhea, or loose stools, on your pet hamster. It is thought to be caused by an overgrowth of intestinal bacteria. Stress is usually the main cause of wet tail. When picking out a hamster to take home, make sure it is active and running around. Wet tail is a bacterial issue that causes diarrhea. Your hamster can have diarrhea for reasons other than wet tail or diarrhea. An exotics vet is the best place to start if you aren't sure what caused the diarrhea. If you can't take your hamster back to an exotics veterinarian, you can try giving it wet tail drops. When choosing a hamsters from a pet store, check that its eyes are open, and that its rear end is dry and free of fecal matter. Don't take home a ham that is living with another hamster that doesn't look too healthy. . . .

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