Eating Your Hamster'S Young: How To Keep Your Pet Safe From Eating Its Babies (And Your Own)

(max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/GettyImages-98285710-bbfd2deed9064f27a79d3e5676bba9dd. jpg) Hamsters are known to be cuddly pets that spend their days running on wheels and adorably making their faces with pellets. While these traits are a major draw to owning one of these furry friends, they can have some cuddlier moments that aren't as warm and cuddle as their appearance.

Pink newborn hamsters in a nest.

One such moment involves. . . well, occasionally eating their young. A stressed-out mother hamster may kill its babies and eat them. This may occur in young hamster mothers or if you are disturbing the mother too much throughout the day. Threats like a person that your hamster is scared of, other pets, loud sounds, and other things that are daunting to a small hamster can all cause it to eat its young.

Pet hamster

Be sure to create a quiet and quiet nest and care for the young. Check on the babies but don't touch them. . . .

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