Nile Monitors Are Beautiful, Large, Strong, And Aggressive Reptiles

Nile monitors are popular with large lizard lovers because of their swimming and tree-climbing abilities and sheer beauty. Nile monitors can thrive in captive environments but aren't always the friendliest as pets. They will not hesitate to bite if they are stressed. Given their size, this is not pleasant. Nile monitor have a voracious appetite. In the wild, they feed on a variety of prey items. These include fish, eggs, insects, rodents, birds, and even other reptiles such as snakes. As pets, Nile monitors are usually fed insects (like crickets) when they are young and pre-killed rodents like mice and rats as they get larger. A large water source, ideally one that can swim around in, is required along with something to climb on and hide in. An entire bedroom in a house is often used or secure. Custom-made, outdoor enclosures are great seasonally. The Nile monitor's temperature should reach 120 F with a temperature gradient down to the 80s during the day. It should not drop below 80 at night. A Nile monitor also needs to have lighting. This light should be on a 12-hour cycle . Nile monitor are beautiful, large, strong, and aggressive reptiles. They do not make good pets but are hardy nonetheless. If you are considering getting a pet Nile monitor, make sure you have a large and safe enclosure. Check if it is legal to own a Nile monitor where you live. . . .

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