Transporting Your Fish: Tips And Tricks To Make Sure You Get The Most Out Of Your Investment In Your Pet'S Health And Well

Tropical fish are slightly trickier to transport than other types of pets.

Goldfish in a plastic bag

You need to make sure that the fish's water is within the ideal temperature range and has the appropriate water parameters. We have got some tips and tricks that you should consider when transporting your fish. When placing water in your fish’s transport bag or containers, make sure to fill it with about 80% to 90% water.

putting fish on a plastic bag

It will leave a layer of air above the waterline. Use a portable air pump hooked up to airline tubing and an air stone to provide your fish with surface agitation for oxygenation. Plastic bags with fish should be placed in a crate so the bags do not roll around.

man holding plastic container

Gel heating pad should not be placed directly against the bag because it can cause the water to become too warm or damage the plastic and cause a leak. Fish can survive a few days without food.

hand holding a plastic bag containing goldfish

It is not necessary to feed them while they are being transported. Food can quickly cause the air to become foul and toxic for the fish as the ammonia level rises. You can feed your fish once they have reached their destination. .

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