Discus Fish Are Peaceful And Exceptionally Pleasing To Look At In An Aquarium

Alfino Turquoise Discus are a strange green color, some appearing a mix between light blue and green, some a swampy almost luminary green.

Red discus fish

The discus fish come in a bunch of different colorations and varieties. They are not good for beginner or even intermediate fish keepers. The fish are rounder than other fish. They display lines across their bodies, eyes, and caudal fin. The brown discus is a subspecies of the green discus. They have a brownish green hue. The Heckel cross discus has an orange and blue pattern.

Blue discus

The White butterfly Discus has a blueish white color. It has either red or orange eyes. Aquariums are full of colorful fish with unusual coloration. Some of the most striking are a mix of yellow and gold.

White butterfly Discus

Others are a mixture of red and white. Some fish have translucent fin edges, others have translucent fins. The Blue Diamond Discus have a strong blue color. The white undertones make the blue appear to ‘glow’. The Discus fish are the most sought-after fish in the aquarium community. The Pigeon Blood Discus display a luminal green and yellow color on their heads. The color of the red Squiggles are red squaggles. Leopard spotted discus have dark bands vertically on their light blue body. They make a peaceful and colorful addition to most freshwater tropical aquariums.

Mercury discus in the water


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