Tiger Salamanders: How To Keep Them Healthy And Safe In Your Pet'S Cage

Tiger salamanders are beautiful animals that are popular exotic pets. These amphibians are found in woodlands, as well as in grassy fields. They have large eyes, short snouts, thick necks, strong legs, and long tails. Tiger salamander are often personable and hardy pets. They're not usually aggressive. They can be kept with another salamand. They've been known to eat other tiger salamands, especially when there is a lack of food. They should be taken care of due to their delicate skin. Tiger Salamanders can live in an aquarium with 6 inches of water and some rocks to hide in. They must be kept between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 21 degrees Celsius) and not exceeding 72 degrees Celsius (22 degrees Celsius). A good water filter is needed, and aeration with an air stone is ideal. Tiger Salamanders prefer a humidity of 70%-80%. Maint this through regular misting, water, and live plants. Use a hygrometer to monitor the humidity. Substrate is the material used on the bottom of your pet's enclosure. It helps mimic a natural environment and allows the animal to release its burrowing urges. Provide a substrat at least 4 inches deep that's suitable for burrowing. Tigers salamianders are susceptible to respiratory infections. Parasitis infections are also common in tiger Salamanders. If your tiger salammander seems sluggish or is losing weight, these are a sign of a sick salamiander. Find a good breeder or rescue organization. . . .

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