Goldfish Temperature Range: How To Keep Your Fish Healthy And Safe In Your Home Aquarium (And Fish Tank)

There is some fact and some fiction when it comes to temperature ranges for goldfish.


If you live in an area where water temperatures rarely exceed 50-60°F, then your goldfish would need a heated pond or an indoor home. You really have to use your best judgement when choosing whether to keep your gold fish indoors or outdoors. Torpor is a semi-hibernation.


Goldfish live in torpor in the wild when water temperatures warm. This warm water stimulates spawn.


One of the tricks some people use to stimulate spawn in the home aquarium is to raise the water temperature. The general recommendation for a healthy temperature range for common and fancy goldfish is 68-74-degree. However, common-type goldfish can thrive in water as cool as 62 °F. In a home aquarium, the water temperatures for common goldfish are the same as they are for a pond. The difference is that you have control over the temperature indoors.

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Indoor heating and air, as well as water heaters, allow you to adjust the temperature within a couple of degrees. There is no difference between temperature and water temperature in and of itself . Goldfish in a tank usually experience relatively stable temperatures.


Even the hardiest goldfish will be susceptible to shock from improper temperature acclimation. Always aim for slow temperature changes. Gold fish can live happily and safely in ponds or tanks. .

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