Nitrate In Aquariums: How To Control Nitrate And Keep Your Fish Tank Healthy

Nitrate is the waste by-product of nitrifying bacteria (Nitrobacter). It is what makes an aquarium's biological filtration system function and stay in balance. The acceptable range of nitrate for reef tanks is 0. 25ppm to 5ppm. The key factor in controlling nitrate is mainly how you take care of your aquarium. First, consider regular aquarium maintenance care. If that doesn't work, pick a nitrate control method and give it a try.

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If after a while you do not get the desired results, try another one :max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/view-of-fish-in-aquarium-549607107-5adf3c8b04d1cf0036edca42. jpg) Multiple Water Change Reduction Method is an efficient way to reduce nitrate levels in an aquarium. It can be used to reduce Nitrates in a tank to zero in a day. Some aquarists say rapid nitrate reduction can be harmful to the tank inhabitants.

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The "Vodka Method for Nitrate Reduction" uses the same principle as the "Long-Term Nitrate reduction" method. .

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